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The Canary Islands, also known as the Fortunate Isles, are an archipelago of 8 inhabited islands  in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, where beautiful, sunny weather persists 345 days a year. Average temperatures of 35ºC in summer and 22ºC in winter make it the best destination for relax all year round.


An incredible variety of landscapes gives every vacationer the opportunity to spend their free time. From those lazy on deckchairs, to mountain climbers. Beautifully sandy beaches from the coast, demanding mountain trails, vulcanos and jungles with streams, until high paragliding flights are just a few of the attractions available on the island.


Over the centuries, during great expeditions, the cultures of the continents have mixed here, creating unique traditions, holidays and cuisines those you have to try.


The close location to Africa means that after a short flight of 1.5 hours we can visit the land of the setting sun Maghreb and admire the incredible sunset in the Saharan desert. Explore the souk in old city Medina or watch the life of wandering nomads in the high Atlas Mountains, who once inhabited the Canary Islands. - Yes, this is Morocco.

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Hello, my name is Rafeeq  and I have prepared for you a unique list of carefully selected services. I will introduce you to the places, sounds, nature, history, culture and amazing experiences that await you on your journey in the Canary Islands. Browse the tour packages and contact me if you have any questions.

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