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The company ENJOY CANARIAS was founded in 2019 out of passion for the Canary Islands and provide customers from all over the world an unforgettable experience. We not only plan trips, but also help create memories that will last a lifetime. Browse through our offer today and try unique activities on Your SUNNY holidays.

Get to Know Us


Hello, my name is Rafeeq  and I am creator of this special service for You. My passion for the island made it possible into creating unforgettable offers for you during your stay.

I will introduce you to the places, sounds and amazing experiences that await you on your journey in the Canary Islands. Browse the tour packages and contact me if you have any questions.


The service I offer you has been created out of many years of passion for traveling. I've created my own custom tours so you can learn more about local island life, as well as some great activities to keep You entertained during your stay. Below I have sorted my service into 4 blocks where you can flow from the ocean to the sky.

Organise your ...


Find Your cheapest ticket

in the World

tropikalne wakacje


Rest in a magical places on the island


Quick and convenient transfer to your accommodation

or to the airport

rent a car

Special service for You

Your Holidays

Our Special Offers

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from 580 € 

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From 369 € 

included flight ticket*

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